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Nathan Wu

Nathan Wu
Hi everyone, this is Nathan, and I am so excited to be a part of this team! First, a bit about me! I am an avid fan of crocs, cooking, and candy. I am active in both Key Club and DECA at my school, and I am both a student and a teacher at my Taekwondo school. I also love to do anything that lets me go super fast like skiing, snowboarding, and road biking. Two things that I absolutely adore are pretty nature landscapes, and human beings — I feel so lucky that I have a passion that combines both of those things into something magical.

Ever since I was young, I always appreciated photographs (though I HATE posing in them). I loved to steal my mom’s camera and try my hand at taking some photos. Over time, I was able to transform my appreciation into a hobby as I shot more and more photos, and eventually got equipment I could call my own with a combination of birthday and teaching money. I have dabbled in all sorts of photography — nature, senior, family, maternity, general portraiture — and I love every second of it. I feel so lucky to have an opportunity to expand on such a big passion of mine, and I cannot wait to hopefully get a chance to work with all of you lovely people!

🎬 Favorite Show

Phineas and Ferb