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JNJ Photography’s COVID-19 Statement:

Dear JNJ Family,
As we move into bookings for the summertime, we find it important that we address our company’s safety precautions on how we will approach photoshoots during this time. Your safety and health are our top priority, thus we have implemented guidelines for our photographers and clients to follow, based on the Washington State Phase 2 Professional Photography requirements Here.

Cleaning and Sanitation:
We require all photographers to sanitize their equipment before AND after every photoshoot following the CDC equipment sanitation guidelines. Photographers will wash their hands before and after sessions and we ask that our clients do the same. In addition, each photographer will also be carrying hand sanitizers to clean their hands during the shoot as well and carry disinfectant wipes (primarily used to wipe down any surface the client may hold etc.). We recommend that our client bring hand sanitizers and wipes with them as well.

Photoshoot Session Precautions:
There will be rules and regulations we follow during the sessions.
  1. We will be wearing masks and facial covers during the photoshoot and we ask that guests of the client do as well.

  2. When posing for photos, there will be no physical contact from the photographer to adjust the model, all poses will be instructed verbally

  3. Each client is only allowed to bring one guest to the session ( An exception can be made for groups consisting of immediate family only).

  4. Locations will be restricted to outdoor locations at this time to minimize enclosed contact.

  5. Transportation will be through separate vehicles. Photographers and clients will meet at the designated location.

  6. We will maintain a six-feet radius away from clients and family members at all times (this will not hinder our ability to take great photos).
This pandemic is difficult for all families and businesses, we are committed to providing the best quality services and photos we can. Our business is dedicated provided the best you for the best price, no matter what scenario we are put in. Thank you all so much for supporting us during this difficult time, and we look forward to capturing the perfect photos for you.
Joey Seo, Nathan Wu, Jake Harper
JNJ Photography