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For the Best

Senior photos your way 😎

Make your Senior Year Unforgettable

With 5+ years of experience, JNJ Photos is ready to make it your best.

What Do We Believe Your Photos Should Be?

Your photos should be tailored to show you off!

You will be closely involved with the creative process, helping to decide on everything from wardrobe choices to the exact way we edit your photos. After all, these are YOUR photos, so we want YOU to shine as much as possible!

Your photos should be a full experience.

We want to get to know you, be your friend, and make you feel as comfortable as possible! We know how scary it can be to pose, so we will take every step we can to make this as enjoyable an experience as possible from start to finish.

Your photos should be made with passion.

Unlike other companies, we are not a “conveyor belt” system, rushing to finish each shoot and move onto the next. This company is truly our passion project, so our excitement and love for photography will be evident through the final products.

Your photos should be fairly priced with YOU in mind.

We do not believe in charging hundreds of extra dollars for things like the number of outfits, locations, or photos to keep. We carefully price all of our packages to account for the costs to run our company, but more importantly, with your wallet in mind.

The JNJ Process

From start to finish, we are committed to giving you exactly what you want.

Choose Your Package
Don't worry, you can customize as you wish.
Book Your Date
We'll send you a calendar invite so you won't forget!
FaceTime Consultation
Here is where we'll get your input on how you want the photos to look, a final price, as well as any other reminders for the shoot.
The Shoot!
This part is all about you and we are happy to accommodate to your needs.
Preview Test Photos
To make sure you love the photos just as much as we do, we'll send you a couple examples to gauge your feedback.
You're Done!
All the best photos are now yours! Enjoy!

Three is better than one

Why settle for one photographer when you can have three?
This means more efficiency, versatility, and most of all... quality.

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